Standards of Performance


Last Updated: 17-Mar-2016

Standards of Performance for the Distribution Licensee

  1. Section 57 of the Electricity Act 2003 (herein after called “the Act”) provides that the appropriate Commission may, after consultation with the licensee and persons likely to be affected, specify Standards of Performance of a licensee or a class of licensees.
  2. In compliance, the Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (herein after called “the Commission”) has notified HERC (Standards of Performance for the Distribution Licensee) Regulations, 2004 (herein after called “the Standards of Performance Regulations”).
  3. Standards of Performance Regulations provide for overall and minimum standard of service with reference to quality, continuity and reliability of services that a licensee shall achieve and maintain in discharge of his obligations as a licensee. Time lines for services, quality, continuity and reliability vis-a-vis compensation for non adherence have been specified in the Regulations.  Any failure by the distribution licensee to achieve and maintain the Standards of Performance specified in these Regulations shall render the distribution licensee liable to payment of compensation under the EA, 2003 and specified in the Regulations, to an affected person claiming such compensation.
  4. Section 59 of the Act further provides that the Appropriate Commission shall at least once in every year arrange for the publication, in such form and manner as it considers appropriate, of such of the information furnished to it by the licensee.

    In pursuance of the above provisions of the Act/Regulations, the Commission hereby publishes this information in respect of two Discoms i.e. UHBVNL & DHBVNL.