वर्तमान वर्ष के निर्णय

अंतिम नवीनीकृत: 09-Jul-2020

Award DateAppeal NoAppellant(s)Respondent(s)SubjectDownload
01-Jul-2020 9 of 2020 M/s Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd DHBVN Appeal for non-implementation of order passed by CGRF Award,Dated:01-Jul-2020दस्तावेज देखें (165 Kb)

29-Jun-2020 5 of 2020 Sh. G.K. Nandan, Consultant / EB UHBVNL Appeal for non-implementation of the order passed by CGRF, UHBVN, Kurukshetra dated 31.08.2018 in ca... Award,Dated:29-Jun-2020दस्तावेज देखें (161 Kb)

22-Jun-2020 8 of 2020 M/s ATC DHBVN M/s ATC Award,Dated:22-Jun-2020दस्तावेज देखें (211 Kb)

12-Jun-2020 4 of 2020 Sh. Anil Kumar Gupta UHBVNL Billing Problem Award,Dated:12-Jun-2020दस्तावेज देखें (180 Kb)

18-Mar-2020 6 of 2020 Pankaj Bhalotia DHBVNL Appeal against the orders of the order passed by CGRF, DHBVN, Hisar dated 13.01.2020 in case No. DH/... Award,Dated:18-Mar-2020दस्तावेज देखें (174 Kb)

13-Mar-2020 7 of 2020 Sh. Bhagwan Dass (through Sh. Amit Kumar) DHBVN Appeal against the non-implementation of order passed by CGRF, DHBVN, Hisar dated 10.01.2020 in case... Award,Dated:13-Mar-2020दस्तावेज देखें (186 Kb)

13-Mar-2020 1 of 2020 Bansi Lal S/o Sh. Bishna Ram UHBVNL Others (Shifting / removal of transformers) Award,Dated:13-Mar-2020दस्तावेज देखें (198 Kb)

19-Feb-2020 2 of 2020 Sh. Brijesh Regal DHBVNL Billing Problem Award,Dated:19-Feb-2020दस्तावेज देखें (202 Kb)

04-Feb-2020 36 of 2019 M/s Indus Towers Limited DHBVNL Billing Problem Award,Dated:04-Feb-2020दस्तावेज देखें (279 Kb)

16-Jan-2020 3 of 2020 Sh. Pankaj Bhalotia DHBVNL Others (Pay cost, Penalty & Compensation for A/c No.2202690000) Award,Dated:16-Jan-2020दस्तावेज देखें (231 Kb)