How to file Complaint with CGRF

Last Updated: 24-Jan-2014

Any aggrieved electricity consumer, consumer association or legal heirs (in case of death of a consumer) or authorised representatives may file a complaint with the forum for

  1. there exists defect or deficiency in electricity service provided by the distribution licensee;
  2. an unfair or restrictive trade practice has been adopted by the distribution licensee in providing electricity services;
  3. the distribution licensee has charged a rate in excess of that fixed by the Commission, for supply of electricity and related services;
  4. the distribution licensee has recovered expenses, in excess of charges approved by the Commission, in providing any electric line or electric plant or electric meter;
  5. the electricity services provided by the distribution licensee, is unsafe or hazardous to public life and is in contravention to the provisions of any law in force;

except the complaint pertaining to-

  1. Unauthorized use of electricity as defined under explanation to section 126 of the Electricity Act 2003;
  2. Offences and penalties as specified u/s 135 to 139 of the Electricity Act 2003;
  3. Accidents and inquiries as specified under section 161 of the Electricity Act 2003 unless prescribed by the state govt. by general/ special order.