Powers & Duties

Last Updated: 21-Jun-2014

Powers and duties of Electricity Ombudsman (Regulation 17 of Guidelines for Establishment of Forum for Redressal of Grievances of the Consumers and Electricity Ombudsman Regulation, 2004)

The Electricity Ombudsman shall have the following powers and duties

  1. To receive representation from consumer(s) who is (are) aggrieved by the non-redressal of their grievances by the Forum.
  2. The Electricity Ombudsman shall exercise general powers of superintendence and control over his office and shall be responsible for the conduct of business of his office.
  3. The Electricity Ombudsman shall have the powers to incur expenditure on behalf of the office. In order to exercise such power, the Electricity Ombudsman shall draw up an annual budget for his office in consultation with Commission and shall exercise the powers of expenditure within the approved budget.
  4. The Electricity Ombudsman shall perform any other functions as may be specified from time to time by the Commission with regard to the consumer grievances.