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Last Updated: 08-Nov-2019
Date & TimeAppeal NoApplicant(s)Respondent(s)SubjectRemarks
06-Nov-2019, 03:15:P.M.23 of 2019 Pankaj Bhalotia DHBVNL Others (Compensation)
06-Nov-2019, 03:30:P.M.32 of 2019 Ishwar Chand UHBVNL Billing Problem
05-Nov-2019, 03:15:P.M.27 of 2019 G. K. Nandan, Consultant / EB UHBVNL Billing Problem
05-Nov-2019, 03:15:P.M.22 of 2019 Sh. Adesh Kumar Pandey DHBVNL Appeal against the orders of CGRF
04-Nov-2019, 03:00:P.M.28 of 2019 Yoginder Kumar Gupta DHBVNL Billing Problem
04-Nov-2019, 03:00:P.M.29 of 2019 Raghunath Industries UHBVNL Billing Problem
04-Nov-2019, 03:15:P.M.30 of 2019 Jagdish Chand DHBVNL Billing Problem
04-Nov-2019, 03:30:P.M.31 of 2019 Shiv Kumar Garg, Administrator DHBVNL Billing Problem
31-Oct-2019, 03:00:P.M.32 of 2019 Ishwar Chand UHBVNL Billing Problem
31-Oct-2019, 03:30:P.M.21 of 2019 M/s Raj Darbar Assets Limited (formerly known as M/s Natural Products Biotech) DHBVNL Release of New Connection

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