Last Updated: 21-Dec-2013

The office of the Electricity Ombudsman has been established as per sub-section (6), (7) and 8) of section 42 of the Electricity Act 2003, which reads as under:

"(6) any consumer, who is aggrieved by non-redressal of his grievances by forum for redressal of grievances, may make a representation for the redressal of his grievance to an authority to be known as Ombudsman to be appointed or designated by the State Commission.
(7) The Ombudsman shall settle the grievance of the consumer within such time and in such manner as may be specified by the State Commission.
(8) The provisions of sub-sections (5),(6) and (7) shall be without prejudice to right which the consumer may have apart from the rights conferred upon him by those sub-section “

Accordingly in exercise of the power conferred by Section 181 read with Sub-Section (5) to (8) of Section 42 of the Electricity Act, 2003 (36 of 2003) and all other powers enabling in this behalf, the Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission, to provide for a system of redressal of consumer grievances, has made Regulations called Guidelines for Establishment of Forum for Redressal of Grievances of the Consumers and Electricity Ombudsman Regulation, 2004.