Title: Public Notice for the post of Peon


Since the number of applicants is more than 10 times the number of posts, the Commission has decided to shortlist candidates based on the merit list as per the educational and socioeconomic criteria as given in the advertisement for the post. Accordingly, the Commission has decided that any of the applicants, who wish to be considered under the socio-economic criteria be asked to submit an affidavit, clearly specifying their eligibility under the educational and socio-economic criteria, strictly in accordance with the vacancy circular already published. List of applicants whose applications were received within time may be hosted on the website so that they could submit the affidavit with reference to their serial number. No candidate shall be given any benefit under the socio-economic criteria in the absence of a valid affidavit, submitted in pursuance of this notice.
All the applicants whose applications were received by 05.04.2019 upto 5.00 PM are listed at Annexure A and are directed to submit an affidavit as available at Annexure – B, duly attested by the Notary/First Class Magistrate by 21.05.2019 upto 5:00 PM by post or dasti. Any affidavit if received after 5:00 PM on 21.05.2019 shall not be considered. List of candidates whose applications have been received after 05:00 PM on 05.04.2019 is available at Annexure C. These applications are deemed to the rejected and no affidavit is to be submitted by these candidate.

Dated: 06.05.2019                            

HERC, Panchkula.

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