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Last Updated: 06-Jul-2020

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29-Jun-2020 Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (Communication System for Intra-State Transmission of Elec... Final Order, Dated: 29-Jun-2020
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25-Jun-2020 HERC/PRO-24 of 2020 Haryana Power Purchase Centre Petition under Section 86 1 b of the Electricity Act 2003 read with Regulation 66 and 68 of the Hary... Final Order, Dated: 25-Jun-2020
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18-Jun-2020 HERC/PRO-74 of 2017 Haryana Power Purchase Centre Consequential Order in terms of judgement dated 10 February 2020 passed by Honble Appellate Tribunal... Final Order, Dated: 18-Jun-2020
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17-Jun-2020 HERC/PRO-21 of 2020 HERC ( Suo Motu ) HVPNL & Ors. Relief to Discoms on account of COVID 19 Reduction in the rate of Late Payment Surcharge for the del... Final Order, Dated: 17-Jun-2020
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17-Jun-2020 HERC/PRO-11 of 2017 DHBVNL Petition seeking clarification on various applicable charges under Clause 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 57... Final Order, Dated: 17-Jun-2020
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16-Jun-2020 HERC/PRO-17 of 2020 HERC (Suo Motu) In the matter for stopping of cheque payment by UHBVN and provisions of Regulation No. HERC/29/2014 ... Final Order, Dated: 16-Jun-2020
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10-Jun-2020 HERC/RA-3 of 2020 M/s Orris Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. DHBVN & Ors Review Petition seeking review and modification of Order dated September 16th, 2019 passed by this H... Final Order, Dated: 10-Jun-2020
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08-Jun-2020 HERC/PRO-62 of 2019 Command Area development Authority
Principle Secretary to Government Haryana, Power Department and Ors. Petition under section 62 and section 86 1 a of the Electricity Act, 2003 read with HERC Terms And C... Final Order, Dated: 08-Jun-2020
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01-Jun-2020 HERC/PRO-60 of 2019| HERC/PRO-59 of 2019 UHBVNL| DHBVNL | Petition for True-up of the ARR for the FY 2018-19, Annual (Mid-Year) Performance Review for the FY ... Final Order, Dated: 01-Jun-2020
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21-May-2020 HERC/PRO-66 of 2019 HVPNL True Up of the Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) for Transmission Business and State Load Dispatch... Final Order, Dated: 21-May-2020
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