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Last Updated: 31-Jul-2017

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20-Jul-2017 HERC/PRO-39 of 2017 HAREDA Petition for seeking approval of Hon’ble Commission on draft Request for Proposal (RFP) document for... Final Order, Dated: 20-Jul-2017
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18-Jul-2017 HERC/PRO-49 of 2017 M/s Jai Durga Industries UHBVNL & Others Petition under section 86 ,94 and sub section (3) of section 55 of the Act read with the Central E... Final Order, Dated: 18-Jul-2017
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18-Jul-2017 HERC/PRO-41 of 2016 Star Wire (India) Ltd., Ballabgarh Application seeking implementation of order passed by Hon’ble Commission dated 22.11.2016 in petitio... Final Order, Dated: 18-Jul-2017
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18-Jul-2017 HERC/PRO-6 of 2017 Sh. Kuldeep Kumar Kohli DHBVNL Petition/Complaint under Section 142 read with 129 of the Electricity Act read with Regulation 2.56 ... Final Order, Dated: 18-Jul-2017
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11-Jul-2017 HERC/PRO-40 of 2016| HERC/PRO-39 of 2016 UHBVNL| DHBVNL General Public| General Public TRUE- UP FOR THE FY 2015-16, ANNUAL (MID-YEAR) PERFORMANCE REVIEW FOR THE FY 2016-17, AGGREGATE REVE... Final Order, Dated: 11-Jul-2017
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30-Jun-2017 HERC/PRO-43 of 2017 DHBVNL Petition for removal of difficulties in implementation of Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission ... Final Order, Dated: 30-Jun-2017
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30-Jun-2017 HERC/PRO-31 of 2016 UHBVNL Petition seeking approval for implementation of the Energy Efficient Fan & LED Tube-Light Progra... Final Order, Dated: 30-Jun-2017
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08-Jun-2017 Suo motu Order for removal of difficulties under Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (Duty to ... Final Order, Dated: 08-Jun-2017
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07-Jun-2017 HERC/PRO-17 of 2016 Haryana Power Purchase Centre Application under 86(1) (b) for approving the source of power i.e. 400MW from Odisha Integrated Powe... Final Order, Dated: 07-Jun-2017
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06-Jun-2017 HERC/PRO-42 of 2017 M/s S.N. Realtors Pvt. Ltd. DHBVNL & Others Petition seeking clarification with a request to direct withdrawal of the impugned conditions in the... Final Order, Dated: 06-Jun-2017
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