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Last Updated: 11-Jun-2019

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07-Jun-2019 HERC/PRO-3 of 2019 B.M. Gupta Developers Private Limited Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited Petition under Section 43 & 46 of the Electricity Act, 2003 read with Regulation No. HERC/27/201... Final Order, Dated: 07-Jun-2019
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03-Jun-2019 In the matter regarding implementation of Order dated 26.02.2019 issued by the Hon’ble Punjab and Ha... Final Order, Dated: 03-Jun-2019
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29-May-2019 HERC/PRO-27 of 2019 HVPNL Filing of the Petition for amendment in clause 59 i.e. Cost of Evacuation System of HERC (Terms and ... Final Order, Dated: 29-May-2019
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28-May-2019 HERC/PRO-63 of 2017 M/s Ambience Developers & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. HVPNL & Others Application seeking clarification as to the supervision/ departmental charges payable by Ambience De... Final Order, Dated: 28-May-2019
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28-May-2019 HERC/PRO-71 of 2017 UHBVNL Petition seeking approval of the Hon’ble Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission in terms of Regul... Final Order, Dated: 28-May-2019
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27-May-2019 HERC/RA-9 of 2019 Jhajjar KT Transco Private Limited Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Limited Petition under Regulation 78 of the HERC (Conduct of Business) Regulations, 2004 (read with subseque... Final Order, Dated: 27-May-2019
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14-May-2019 HERC/PRO-23 of 2019 Model Economic Township Limited UHBVNL & Others Application under regulation 17, 85, 87 and 88 of the conduct of Business Regulations, 2004 filed on... Final Order, Dated: 14-May-2019
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13-May-2019 HERC/PRO-22 of 2019 New & Renewable Energy Department, Haryana Petition for amendment of HERC (Terms and conditions for determination of Tariff from Renewable Ener... Final Order, Dated: 13-May-2019
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10-May-2019 HERC/PRO-5 of 2019 M/s Siwana Solar Power Projects Ltd. Haryana Power Purchase Centre Application seeking intervention of Hon’ble Commission under s.86 (1)(e)&(f) and s.142 & 146... Final Order, Dated: 10-May-2019
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08-May-2019 HERC/PRO-37 of 2016 Haryana Power Purchase Centre Application under section 86(1) of the Electricity Act, 2003 for the approval of the Hon’ble Commiss... Final Order, Dated: 08-May-2019
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