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Last Updated: 13-Sep-2018

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12-Sep-2018 HERC/PRO-34 of 2017 HPGCL Petition for determination of Tariff for power from 2 x 0.2 MW Kakroi Mini Hydel Plant Interim Order,
Dated: 12-Sep-2018 View Document (597 Kb)

10-Jul-2018 HERC/PRO-86 of 2017| HERC/PRO-30 of 2018 Haryana Power Purchase Centre| The Chief Engineer, HPPC | Application under section 86(1) (b) of the Electricity Act, 2003 in HERC for approval of Draft Power... Interim Order,
Dated: 10-Jul-2018 View Document (547 Kb)

22-May-2018 HERC/PRO-18 of 2018 Savitri Devi & Another The District Magistrate Revision Petition under Section 67(4) of the Electricity Act, 2003 read with Rule 3(3) of the Works ... Interim Order,
Dated: 22-May-2018 View Document (252 Kb)

22-Mar-2018 HERC/PRO-57 of 2017 Sh. Mahesh Mathur Petition under Regulation 5.5 of the Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (Single Point Supply ... Interim Order,
Dated: 22-Mar-2018 View Document (375 Kb)

19-Mar-2018 HERC/PRO-72 of 2017 M/s Alchem International Private Limited DHBVN Petition under Regulation 53 of the HERC (Terms and Conditions for grant of connectivity and open ac... Interim Order,
Dated: 19-Mar-2018 View Document (729 Kb)

15-Mar-2018 HERC/PRO-28 of 2017 M/s Tulip Infratech Pvt. Ltd HVPNL & Others Petition seeking implementation of order passed by Hon’ble Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission... Interim Order,
Dated: 15-Mar-2018 View Document (265 Kb)

15-Mar-2018 HERC/PRO-51 of 2017 DCM Textiles, Hisar DHBVNL & Others Application for seeking clarification and implementation of the provisions of 4.4 and 4.7 of the Reg... Interim Order,
Dated: 15-Mar-2018 View Document (144 Kb)

15-Mar-2018 HERC/PRO-1 of 2016 REI Power Bazaar Private Limited Petition under section 86 (1) (k) read with section 66 of the Electricity Act 2003, for seeking perm... Interim Order,
Dated: 15-Mar-2018 View Document (847 Kb)

15-Mar-2018 HERC/PRO-30 of 2017 Grasim Bhiwani Textiles Limited HAREDA & Anr. Petition for passing directions to the respondents for accreditation/authentication of the solar ene... Interim Order,
Dated: 15-Mar-2018 View Document (503 Kb)